Levi and Lion


So this is pretty cool. 

Here’s my gem-of-a-friend, Rain, and I.

The top pic is us at 7 months pregnant at our favorite beach, taken by Rain’s husband. (Which might be one of my favorite baby bump pics ever. Yes I am biased.) We were due one week apart. Well, she had her baby, Lion, a week early, and I had Levi a week late. We pretty much swapped due dates. Fun times. 

Which leads us to the second pic…

The bottom pic was taken a few days ago (by my husband), when we got our little (although huge for their age), bundles of bubbalicious love, boys together for their inaugural dip in the Pacific Ocean. And play date. Because we already determined they are pals.

Both boys were totally calm, kicking their chubby thighs, and lovin’ it. 

Almost as much as we were.

So, I think every time we get together, we might just have to keep on taking the same pic.

Even when the boys will be the ones holding us one day.

Hold on while I get choked up a bit… 

Cheers to friendship, bumps, and water babies. 

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