Sunscreen Roundup

You scream. I scream. We all scream for sunscreen. 


Sunscreen. You all want to hear about it. As you should. Good job. It’s quite possibly the best beauty product you can buy, (followed by waterproof mascara.) But really, good SPF is something I am passionate about, and think should be invested in as well as investigated. I am picky, I have sensitive skin. I love being in the sun and surf. 

So here’s what passed the test. And am actually currently using.  

None, and I mean none of these contain Oxybenzone. For the love of baby puppies, please oh please don’t buy sunscreen with this stuff in it. If you want a good list of the most toxic ones on the everyday market, as well as safer alternatives, here you go. Read up.

Now, here are my pics.

Supergoop. – This has been my go to SPF for years. There’s a broad range of products, form everyday face CC creams, to a fascinating new argan based SPF oil, to my all time favorite, the endless summer pump. Which was in my beat-up beach mobile 24/7 when I lived in Hawaii. Supergoop, is in fact super. 

Sapphire Beach Company – Vegan, all natural, coconut oil based, and also is the best smelling, and most luxurious feeling SPF I’ve put on my skin. They are a new up and coming brand. And I really, really, hope it sticks around for quite a while.

Coola – I just started using this in the past month after I was sent some to try. And it is passing the test. With flying colors. I even use their spray SPF, even though I swore off using spray SPF’s when I read on how incredibly horrible they are for you. Well, this isn’t that kind of spray spf. From what I understand. Coola is da coolest.

Shade – Another newbie. That is saving my face. Which needs saving. This is what I slather on my face and chest before I surf. And man oh man am I a fan. No breakouts, no burns, no greasiness. No kidding.

So there you go. The list is short, but sweet, and definitely sufficient for me.

Oh yeah. Pretty much all of the above are highly water resistant. So they are water sport friendly. Unless you are going to be surfing in the prime sun for 2+ hours, then please oh please also wear a tee and some leggings or something. I learned this the hard way. 

Yeah sunscreen. 

Now be sure to wear it.

*The graphic above, is one I made for my first ever sunscreen post on the blog. That juuust happens to be making an appearance in a certain magazine this month. So cool. 

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