The Big Island. Recap.


While I still have the smell of plumerias, sight of coconut trees in my mind, and something that resembles a tan, it’s time for a little recap of my trip to the big Island. Minus the whole reason I went there: A free diving course…which is a whole other post coming soon.

So, a few weeks ago, I got to go back to Hawaii for the first time since the move, and it wasn’t going back home, it was going back to a place where I really didn’t spend much time while I was an official Hawaii resident: The Big Island. The Big Island, is in fact, big, and I only got to explore and experience a fraction of it, but here’s a few of the highlights.

• Flying in. I was glued to the window, and yes there was a big lump in my throat when we flew over the coast, and I saw the water, in all it’s warm, bright blue gorgeousness.

• Meeting an amazing new family that I got to stay with during the freediving course, and can now call friends. Denisa, Maru, Sen and Sui, you rock, and have THE BEST BBQs ever.

• Treating myself to two nights at The Sheraton Kona at Keauhou Bay. Which also happens to be a rather stellar location to watch the sunset (in my opinion), and one of the best locations to watch and swim with Manta Rays…which leads to…

• Sitting on my Lanai at night and watching Manta Rays swimming in the bay, while listening to the ocean. I don’t think I turned my TV on once, or closed the patio doors either. And yes, I was late for checkout. (Hint: request room 2300 if you stay there.)

• Surfing glassy, warm waves, sans uber thick neoprene.

• Surfing glassy, warm waves, sans uber thick neoprene…again.

• Dinner at Rays On The Bay: Two words: Lobster pops. Nine Words: Warm macadamia white chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream. Three final words: Hibiscus N Bourbon (N counts as a word). I was on Vacation. ‘Twas delish.

• Cruising around in my rental car, with my windows down, exploring new beaches, and listening to Island Radio. I miss Island Radio, and J Boog serenading me every so often.

• Pololu Valley. Aka, a quick little hike to a crazy sweet black sand beach. I think I still am finding sand in my scalp.

Da Poke Shack. Some of da best poke ever. No joke.

• Lots and lots of sunset watching, sandy toes, constantly picking plumerias to put in my hair (up until I went through TSA the night I left, to be exact), getting a little tan, and quite a few smile lines.

The Big Island. I loved you, big time.

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