Bikini Advent Calendar


For some reason, this idea of a DIY bikini advent calendar popped into my head this morning. Oh yeah, it’s December 1st, which means time to start the countdown to Christmas. For me, this also means time to countdown to traveling somewhere where I can wear some of these oh so rad bikinis (and not get hypothermia). 

So, I thought I’d pass on the calendar I just made in my office, even though those little paper advent calendars where you get a chocolate each day are pretty darn fun.

This one’s just a bit more bikini friendly. 

Tools: 25 pieces of swimwear (doesn’t need to be 25 different bikinis, you can have one day be a top, one day a bottom, use a one piece, etc.) 25 squares of paper, a hammer & some thin nails (so you don’t tick off your landlord) a sharpie ( or anything to write on the paper), some embroidery floss, and a partridge in a pear tree.

• Write 1-25 on all the 25 squares of papers.

• Using a hammer and skinny nails, hang the squares in equal distances on a wall with room for the simwear in between. Making a big ol square.

• Tie a long piece of embroidery floss around each nail on the row so you have a line the goes across.

• Hang swimwear on nails.

• Decorate around your “calendar” as you want. 

• Take off a piece from the calendar wall each day.

…and if you happen to be traveling somewhere, go ahead and put the piece you take down each day in your suitcase…and start packing early.


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