Bikini Facelift: Clearance rack revamp

This happens all too often. Drive up to parking lot to go surfing. Realize for some odd reason I am not wearing a bikini. It’s too far to drive home to go and get one. Drive to nearest store. Buy cheapest suit I can find. Surf. End up with a diaper-butt bikini bottom and $25 I would’ve rather spent elsewhere.

However, with a little bit of easy sewing and scissors, I took my latest clearance rack purchase, and turned it into a more flattering, fun, festive, & fringed bikini bottom. So, thought I’d pass it along. Hopefully this will allow you to dust off, revamp and wear a few of those old bottoms you might have tucked away in the closet.

Easy fringed & ruched bikini bottom.

*Tools: Bikini bottom with long thick ties, scissors, dental floss, needle.

1. Ruche the bottom as little or as much as you want. For directions, follow my Scruncy Bootie Bottom tutorial HERE.

2. Take your scissors and carefully cut the all the side ties in thin strips about 1.5 cm wide. Cut any bottom or side seams so you have as much fringe as possible.

(TIP: make sure the ties are tightly tied before you cut.)

3. Repeat on all side ties.

4. If you’re feeling saucy, you can braid some fringe strands together or knot the ends of each fringe. I kept mine loose – more shakeability.

5. Enjoy shaking your bom bom as you walk down the beach, and receiving some compliments, or invitations to salsa along the way

*Working on getting better pics of the fringe, but in the meantime, use your imagination. It’s cute. Promise.

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