Bikini Facelift: Twist Top


I love twist tops. By far my #1 favorite style top. They are sooooooooo flattering, give you oomph, stay put, and are athletic, yet cute. So, I had to try to make one out of an old triangle top I love but don’t want to give up quite yet. 

Alas, here is how to make an old triangle top into a new twist top.

Tools: An old (yet still loved) Triangle top (if it’s a little too big, even better), Scissors, Sturdy sewing needle, Dental floss or super strong thread.

1. Cut the string off of the top of each triangle side.

2. Cut into the top of each triangle top, about 1 inch.

3. Pull the two triangle cups apart (the gathered part where the strings go through will now be on the outside instead of the bottom) and flip one side inside out.

4. “Link” the two tops together in the middle by placing the ends of one side around one end of the other.

5. Using a strong needle & strong thread, (I love dental floss, it’s foolproof) Sew the ends of that one side together around the 1 end of the other side. Do a bunch of knots so it’s super secure.

6. Now sew the loose ends together of the other side around the ends you just sewed in step 5. (*Hint, think of an infinity sign.) Make sure it’s secure. If in doubt, do another knot.

7. Sew down any loose ends. (if needed)

8. Flip the inside-out side, right-side out. Voila…You have a twist top.

9. You can tie it either behind your neck and have the loop go behind your back, or have the loop go behind your neck and tie the top behind your neck. Personal preference

9. Scrunch the sides up or down as much as you want for coverage.

10. Enjoy your twisttastic repurposed new top.

*UPDATE: I finally made a tutprial video. Hope this helps with the tricky steps. Check it out aqui: 

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