Bikini Facelift. Same halter new tie.


Oh Halters. You are turning into the MacGyver of bikini tops. I saw some cute tops like this, and this and thought, hey that’s simply a halter, but tied differently. Queue the Hallelujah chorus. Yet another way to tie a halter bikini top.

So, without further adieu, here’s yet another way to tie a halter bikini top. With uplifting results…and also a good way to get rid of tan lines.

1: Untie all the ties on your halter bikini top.

2: Flip it upside down.

3: The thick halter ties that used to tie around you neck, now tie behind your back.

4: The ties that used to tie behind your back, now tie around your neck. (So the part of the top that used to go under your boobs, now goes on the inside side of each boob)

5: Adjust the cups to your desired coverage, scrunch or stretch as needed, and tighten the strap around your neck for desired “lift”

Cheers! A it’s like a new bikini top, without spending a dime.

Bikini by Letarte.

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