Bird Of Paradise Print Toes

It’s official. I’m going to add “Painting my toes like tropical patterns I find on pinterest” to my resume. Just not sure if I should add it to the skill or hobbies section. 

Either way. I’m lovin’ these. I wish they did this pattern that inspired them a bit more justice. But still, they’re pretty darn cool.  

So, should you want to partake in painting your toes in another bird of paradise fashion. Here’s my attempt at instructions.

• Paint toes with a dark blue base color.

• Grab a nail art brush and paint some palm fronds using a different blue color. (Just paint a long curved line with little lines coming off the sides.)

Now…onto les fleurs…that look like crazy mohawked birds. 

• To paint the bird of paradise: Just paint a bunch of upside down L’s that face both directions in a random fashion on your toes.

• Now, paint the cool feather looking mohawk dealios just by doing 4 or so long upward brush strokes off of the top of each upside down L. Use a bright orangish red color.

• Go back in with a bright neon orange/peach polish and paint a little accent on each bird mohawk. 

• Let polish dry. Top with glossy top coat. 

…And feel free to add tropical inspired nail art to your resume as well.

Fun times. 

Boo closed toed shoes. 

Yay appropriately adorned barefoot happy feet. 

All the colors I used are by Zoya and Julep. All are non-toxic. Wahoo!

• Feel free to check out more of my crazy toes nail art post here, and definitely give one a shot. 

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