Bird of Paradise Toes


In trying to stick with the tropical DIY pedicure genre, I asked myself, what the heck can I do next? Coconuts, hammocks, orchids…banana hammocks. The answer? Bird of Paradise print of course.


Well I think they are pretty rad. So here’s the tutorial.

• Paint nails a base coat.

• Using some green polish, red polish, and a nail art brush, paint the shape of the bird of paradise flowers. They can be as small or as big as you want. The green shape = an upside down L. The red flower part = little red lines coming off the top. Hope that makes sense.

• Go over the “base flower part” with a little bit of neon orange, to create a slight gradient effect, and make the flower part pop.

• Let dry, and slather on some glossy topcoat.

• Go grab a coconut, or fruity tropical drink, or heck, go by a ticket to aruba….and celebrate your new oh so tropical (and fly), toes.

Zoya  and Sally Hansen polish. Ruby Mint Beach towel. 

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