Yup. Levi got a black pearl

Yup. Levi got a black pearl. And yup. I definitely might be printing some of these out and framing them.

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know I am a huge fan of Pearl. Love. Jewelry and all that they do. And I honestly treasure the pieces that they’ve sent me. So you can imagine the happy dance I did when they asked if they could make Levi a necklace. 

And he just looks so stinking cool in it. 

So, I had this GREAT idea to go to the beach and get this amazing close up sandy, bright, contrasted grainy shot with my sun spotted hand rocking my bracelets, with Levi and his necklace. 

…then reality set in. That was an impossible thing to do at this point. He’d probably just squirm around, squawk, and try and eat sand the entire time. 

So, here is Levi and I at home. And the fact that I could even get these shots, given his current state of squirmyness and activity…is a complete miracle. Ok, his hair is rather amazing in them too. 

Maybe they are even better than the beach shots would’ve been. Especially the tough guy looking one. Priceless. 


Either way, Thanks Tara and Emily for your creations. I am not worthy. 

And I still am going to attempt that beach shot one day. Maybe he’ll actually smile for the camera if we’re there. Maybe. 


Jewelry from Pearl. Love // And Levi’s tank is from Little Imrie (he pretty much lives in this thing)

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