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One of the first people I met in Seattle was the lovely Renae Hatch, designer of Brooklyn Grace Jewelry. Well, lucky for me, she is a totally rad a gal, has helped me get to know Seattle, just ventured into doing her jewelry full time, and has some rather amazing hair.

I thought this definitely calls for a little Q & A session. So you all can get to know this talented jewelry maker with some seriously sweet style.

Yup, that’s her in the pic, wearing a bunch of her beauties. Here we go…

10 random questions with Renae Hatch – Designer of Brooklyn Grace Jewelry

1: Ok, you recently switched over to being a full time jewelry designer. What made you take the leap, and how’s it going?

I felt like I was missing something really special in my life, constantly. I never felt complete in my work ‘life.’  For the past few years I was sort of stuck; I either had to take my business to the next level or dial back a little, because I could not purely focus my creativity on my jewelry. I was balancing too much and I felt like I was running on empty a lot of the time.  Pure and simple, I want to be a happy person, and I know that designing is where I thrive, personally and professionally. 

2: Speaking of your line, do you have any favorite piece or pieces you’ve designed

I do not have a ‘favorite’ but yes, it is always the ‘one of a kind’ pieces that I love the most. I found these insane vintage chandelier pendants that I played around with and finally made a necklace with, it sold the second I set it out on the table at the show I was vending at. 

Also, I always end up gifting the ‘great ones,’ which is sort of funny, as I should be keeping them! It gives a warm feeling in my heart when I see someone wearing my jewelry and feeling so good in it. 

3: If you could make a necklace for anyone, who would it be?

My grandmother. I never was able to meet her; she passed right before my sister was born. I am so close to my mother; she is my best friend. It would be just to see the smile on her face when I handed her a necklace to put on. I see it in my moms face, the twinkle; its like she has never seen anything more beautiful. It is good for the soul to have someone in your life like that. 

4: In your opinion, what’s the coolest/most inspirational jewelry you’ve ever seen and why?

I will always love the simplicity of Chanel pearls, hanging in succession with their classic logo pendant. I would die to have some! 

Lately though I am amazed at what designers are doing. It is the men who capture my attention the most. Pat Flynn is an incredible metal smith. He combines forged steel with diamonds and makes these insane bracelets. Sevan Bicakci speaks to you through his jewelry, impeccable craftsmanship. I think I almost fainted when I tried one of his pieces on. My eyes were wild and I thought about running out of the store with it, but knew that was a bad idea. 

Also, Dezso is INSANE, such a fresh take on beach inspired jewelry.  Cathy Waterman, BRIDAL collection makes birds soar. Local Seattle designer Jamie Joseph has always had my heart; her rings are to die for, always pushing the envelope of jewelry design into a realm of her own. 

Most affordable jewelry I love: Stormie, Julie Rofman, Shashi, Tai

5: What’s your day-to-day outfit/signature look?

I am all about being comfortable and feeling good in my own skin. Lately, my style has become a lot less ‘put together’ – it is all about finding the right jeans and simple tee and booties or Vans, I am obsessed with checkered Vans lately.  I love kimonos, big chunky sweaters, white tees, ripped jeans, cutoffs, corduroy, booties, sneakers, anything I can go day to night in. Always wearing a few long BG necklaces and lots of bracelets and gold rings. One thing you will never catch me in…Sling backs! 

6:  You don’t leave home without:

Most women would say their purse! I have hated purses with a passion since I was little; I have always wanted to juggle everything in my pockets, which leads to things disappearing! SO, I have adopted the purse thing by finding fun, artistic clutches and carryall bags, which hold everything your heart desires. BUT, I never leave home without my IPhone, Mini Tri-pod, Surf Spray (my hair is way to short now not to have it) and lip-gloss; I have about 38 in a small pouch, yes I have a problem. 

7: The best beauty/health/looking or feeling great tip anyone ever gave you:

Say no to negativity. Challenge yourself everyday and always have a goal. I set a goal for myself last year to be able to do 10 pull-ups. It took me 6 months of hard work, but I was finally able to do it. I have never felt so alive and connected to my body. My mind and body were working as one. It was an incredible feeling. 

8: Let’s talk travel. Dream Vacation:

Maldives, Bali, Hawaii, Sayulita…I think there is a pattern here. 

9: Favorite local pig-out spot.

Skillet in Ballard. Bring it!

10: Any quotes you love/live by:

“To Live a Creative Life we must lose our Fear of being Wrong”

“Patience. I will become what I know I am”

Recent inspiring quote since I cut 6” off of my hair: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” Coco Chanel


Thanks Renae for the inspiration. Now I am going to write down that Chanel Quote, help you plan a trip to Hawaii, buy some checkered vans, and get you some lip gloss to add to your collection…I mean problem. 

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