Bubululu Malibu. Say it 5 times quickly.

When I hear the word Malibu I usually think of Point Dume, Pam Anderson out walking the twins, and amazing beach houses where I will never even be able to afford the price of the mailbox’s square footage. But there is one other thing I adore about Malibu. It’s fashion, and a hot little swimwear line called Bubululu Malibu.

Shannon Lewis’s line of flirty, fun, yet simple styles fit the Malibu “I’m laid back at the beach but I’ve got killer style” vibe to a T.  Soft Italian fabrics, flattering fashionable cuts that stay put in the water, and just a little bit of unique nostalgic touches have caused Bubu to have quite a strong following with So-Cal & Hawaii beach babes for a few years now (ahem, yours truly included). My favorite at the moment is the cute l’il bikini pictured above. I think if I wore it, my ethnicity would be 1/32 Bridget Bardot.

To add just another bonus, Shannon’s business partner is her mom, Jayne. Swoon. Bonus #2: The line is eco-friendly. Some of the fabrics are available in organic bamboo, soy, cotton fabric blends and they regularly contribute to organizations like Greenpeace, and Heal The Bay.

Yes, there is a whole lotta sweetness going on in this tongue twister of a swimwear line. Look worthy of strolling next to Matthew McConaughey in a Paparazzi pic, feel like a style icon, and know Al Gore approves of your bikini, all thanks to Bubululu Malibu.

Check it out: Blog & list of retailers here

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