Bucket List Wishlist.It’s been a while

Bucket List Wishlist.

It’s been a while since I posted a travel Bucket list..If there’s one thing travel does, it makes me want to travel more. And then more, and then some more. So, you can guess what’s on my mind lately…

Travel, adventure, passport stampage, train rides, hikes, road trips, new sights, new foods …and of course I get sidetracked, and find some cool goods to sport along the way too.

So, here we go. Time for a Bucket List …and a wishlist

Iceland. This is my #1 place I want to go right now. Maybe it’s because the polar opposite of anywhere tropical. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty one too many times. Oh, and I’d like to bring these boots along too. Thanks.

Thailand. I think I’d just want to eat as much food as possible all the time, then play on the beach all day. Then take a nap in a hammock. So I’d bring these comfy pants too.

Big Sur. If I do not drive up the coast and camp here soon. I might bang my head through a wall. Time to grab one of these to help out the cause. 

The Philippines – Look absolutely…AMAZING. In so many ways. I will make it there someday, and I will island hop with just a pareo and this suit

Koufonisi, Greece. –  I am relaxed just thinking of this place, or anywhere in the Greek Islands. And if these aren’t perfect Greek strolling shoes, I don’t know what are.

Bermuda – I’d love to be a chick schnitzel, and roll around from head to toe in this baby soft, lusciously pink sand…wearing this suit.

Moraine Lake, Alberta – I want to hike, then sit and stare for hours and hours, then hike some more, maybe kayak, then sit and stare some more. I think this shirt would be perfect for such an occasion.

Floating Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand – I think I’d need like three memory cards I’d take so many pics. Or maybe none, and I’d just soak up all the mental pictures. Either way, I’d also wear this to stay cozy. (Thailand is on here twice. It’s a sign.)

Seven Sacred Pools, Maui. – I never made it to these when I lived in Hawaii. Which means…yet another reason to go back. So, of course I’d rock something by these gals.

Whitehaven Beach – Why oh why have I not been to Australia yet? Whenever that day comes, this is one of my must-see’s. And some of these shorts are my must brings. 

Ok that’s it for now. 

It’s rather fun to have wanderlust, and to dream of future travels. Even if I don’t make it to all of these places. But, I’ll be saving up my pennies so I can check off at least one. 

My guess is it might Be Big Sur. Yeah road trips.

*All photos via my escapes pinterest board.

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