Bermuda Excursion


Bermuda. It’s a place I’ve always been intrigued by, and wanted to travel to, but had no clue when and how it would actually happen. But it finally did. We cruised on over, and got to spend a Saturday there.

Let’s just say it was the best Saturday we’ve had in a while, for many reasons: the newness, the water, the hues, and well, an awesome little boat trip on a pink catamaran to a place called Deep Bay Beach.

We booked an excursion on the Restless Native, a family owned and run operation that also happened to be on a pink catamaran. (Which I thought was fitting.) They also had paddle boards and kayaks on board to use for free, so that aspect alone had me at hello. There’s something about being in a new tropical place. I must get on some sort of board.

So we swapped our massive cruise ship for a pink catamaran and set sail. I might add that I felt like a molecule when we were leaving the Royal Navy Dockyard and went right next to the Horizon.

They played Jack Johnson and some reggae tunes, did a little Q&A with one of the Captains about Bermuda, what it’s like living there, some history, and it was all really quite relaxing. Next thing we knew, the captain said, “and… we’re here”…and my jaw dropped. Then I hopped right into the ocean as soon as I could. Actually, I jumped off the side of the boat, which is something I don’t get to do that often.

The next two hours were spent paddle boarding and kayaking around the cove and in a few little sea caves, swimming, chilling on the beach, beach combing, jumping off the boat, and having a rum drink…or two. (My husband with Levi in the kayak with him made my heart melt juuuust a bit.)


It was a perfect spot to go to with Levi, because the water was only about five feet deep where we were anchored. So he could jump off the boat to my husband or me, then the beach was a perfect shalow swimming beach for him. And he miiiiiight’ve tried paddle boarding for the first time on his own too. He’s a natural. Proud mama moment.

Something I also had no clue about was the sea glass. The captain said there was lots of sea glass on the beach, and he was not joking. It was everywhere. In about two minutes I picked up a handful of it (I didn’t keep the entire handful pictured below – just thought I was gorgeous, especially next to the water. Plus it belongs to the beach and Bermuda anyways.)


We also scored on the weather. We had the first trip of the day, and I never take weather and glassy water conditions for granted. Pinch me.

I could’ve stayed for another few hours, but we had to leave. So naturally, I jumped off the boat one last time for one final swim and float to soak it all in. Then we were off.

When we were sailing back to the Royal Navy Dockyard, Levi fell asleep in my husband’s arms, and we just kinda sat there, listening to some tunes, watching the water, and soaking it all in.

This all left me counting my blessings, taking a few mental pictures, and realizing that I just really love Saturdays spent on a pink catamaran on a beautiful little-hidden beach in Bermuda.

• Fun fact: A portion of every Restless Native ticket sale goes to Bermuda Cancer & Health Center.

• Another fun fact: This post was sponsored by Carnival Cruise line and was also created for Carnival’s Away We Go blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Carnival for a great trip…and for getting us to Bermuda.

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