Oh boy boy, I like Coy Coy


So here’s a fun little story. Way back when, I found this lovely little pic of a gal wearing a Puerto Rico jersey on the beach. The caption was about how I wanted to go to Puerto Rico one day or something. A lovely follower wrote me and gave me some recs should I ever make it there. Well I still haven’t made it there, but, that lovely follower and I have kept in touch. Her name is Dana, and well, she just happened to start a new swimwear line. It’s called Coy Coy, and it is quite lovely.

Coy Coy (named after Dana’s son) is based out of Mooro Bay, CA, and you can tell it’s made by a lady who lives in a bikini, day in and day out. The suits are super soft, comfy, simple, and you just want to cuddle up in them. I wore my Chelsea suit last week paddle boarding and if I had a buck for how many times she told me my suit was so cute, I could’ve bought us both a round of drinks.

So if you are on the hunt for a fun new line, here you go. 

And if you need recs on Puerto Rico, Dana can help too. 


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