Breezy Ensemble

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. Which means 1: Lots of walks 2: Lots of stretching and 3: Staying comfy in it all. 

So, on this particular breezy vacant beach afternoon, I thought this was the perfect ensemble

Yes. Tennis shoes on the sand really happened. 

I was just that excited to be able to wear them. (I won them on ebay. Buy slightly used tennis shoes on there folks. I’m telling you it’s a gold mine. )

And yes, I give this new workout/fashion brand, Crane & Lion two thumbs up. Not simply because I’ve been living in it ever since the heatwave departed. But, it’s simply neutral and delicious, sporty, super durable, multi functional, and I could live in it all. 

Oh wait, I already do. 

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