Crop it.


I’ll admit it, I’m not much of a rashguard gal. I probably should be considering my upper back, shoulders and chest might resemble a Birken bag in a few years.

However, after recently acquiring a rashguard of the cropped variety, my opinion has changed. I am quite a fan.

They keep the aforementioned handbag-esque upper back, shoulders and chest protected (aka the parts that take the greatest beating from the sun), you do not have to worry about any nipple sightings, and yeah, I felt pretty darn stylish.

My husband even commented on how much he liked this look, and now whenever we go surf, asks if I can wear my crop top. This is the equivalent of hitting the compliment jackpot. 

So yup, this is a trend I hope stays around for quite a while.

J’aime le crop.

Rashguard available aqui, aqui and aqui,

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