Bangin. Again.

Welp, the bangs are back. I said sayonara to my eight head for a few months, and hello to good looking messy ponytails. But really, I must confess, I’m happier with bangs. Of any length – Curtain, long, side-swept, blunt, I’ve tried them all. (Just not wispy. Nope.) I went a little shorter this time since these suckers grow out so quickly (this stuff makes my hair grow like a weed), and I’m going to do my best to not trim them on my own in my bathroom with kitchen scissors late at night after watching This is Us.

I did have a 48 hour period with nonstop fidgeting (a common side effect), but once that was done, it’s been nothing but smooth, face framed, sailing.

Also, I’m a massive fan of the lived in blonde color my gal Sarah’s been blessing me with lately too. She’s amazing. Plus it grows out really really well, and grays don’t seem to scream for attention as much. Amen.

So before I sign off, here are a few quick notes about bangs (In case anyone wants to go for it)

• You have to wash them daily. (Especially if you have fine hair, like me. Or else they suck up everything on your face, and clump together and look like spaghetti.)…just the bangs though, No need to wash the rest of your hair that much.

• Favorite ways to style them = Messy high ponytail, low loose pony to one side, Bardot-esque top of hair/sides back, and low hair knot that basically looks like it’s falling out.

• To dry = just use your fingers or a brush and sweep them from side to side under the hair dryer.

• Still haven’t figured out a way to rock them with a headband or scarf that makes sense.

• Just have your stylist trim them. Trust me.

Ok, that’s about it. I know there are lots of important things going on in the world, but I think a change in hair is always news worth sharing. And documenting. (With way too many picture attempts.)

Cut and color by Sara Pestella

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