Wetsuits. Stay warm. Look hot.


One of the realities I have to face in my new, much less tropical location, is that in order to be in the water year round, I’m going to need to invest in some serious neoprene. Aka a material I wore about 4 days of the year in Hawaii. However, with the abundance of some seriously sweet wetsuits and neoprene gear, I am now viewing this change as an added perk. 

In fact, I kind of feel like I am a James Bond Girl just by looking at some of these beauties. (Yes, this was a childhood dream of mine to be one, so that’s a good thing) There’s a certain tough, hey I know what’s up, ambiance about a lady in some skin tight neoprene. Honey Rider would’ve loved any of these suits. And these are just a few.

Left to right, top to bottom.

Roxy Outdoor Fitness: (also comes in a spring suit)

Siren Song: Custom handmade in Hawaii wetsuits. Yeowza, these are sweet. 

Tallow. I am in awe of their radness. Always have been, always will.

Billabaong. Chevrons, and neon and zippers, oh my.

Billabong// Tallow: Ok I know these won’t keep me warm, but the cheeky shorts are…so cheekin’ cute. 

adidas by Stella McCartney. Yup, that’s me after surfing this past weekend. 3 people (even a guy) asked where they could get this wetsuit. 

Roxy. Because Kassia is the coolest, and Lolo Jones is rather cool too, and I wanted to be next to her in the collage.

Rip Curl. Their Bombshell series is quite…the bomb. 

…Staying warm, has never looked hotter. 007 should be proud.

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