Danni Li Mochilas. Wow.


I like to think it’s a good habit to learn something new each day. Today, let’s all learn about Danni Li Mochilas. Quite possibly some of the coolest, palpitation inducing beach bags around.

Danni Li is a line of hand picked Wayuu Mochilas. Now, Mochilas are not your typical bag. They are made by the Wayuu, a group of indigenous people who live in La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and North West Venezuela. Each bag is hand made by one woman, who also has her own signature. Gotta say, I LOVE their penmanship. 

Now here’s the part that made my jaw drop: The women dedicate over 160 hours for each bag. ONE SIX OH MY GOODNESS! Plus, each bag signifies something to its creator (like, rays of the sun, wind, path of love, etc.) And no two bags are alike. So basically each bag is a piece of one of a kind, handmade art.

The bags are vibrant, extremely well made (see the 160 number above), durable, can be worn cross body or on your shoulder, stunning, versatile, freaking fantastic, and the likelihood of you ever seeing someone with the exact same bag…is rather slim.

…and they also make some killer friendship bracelets. If you’ve seen the bags, you can imagine how sweet these might be.

So, if you are on the hunt, or need an excuse to make a new bag purchase. I highly recommend getting a hand made with love, one of a kind one…of the Danni Li Mochilas variety.

…and a few bracelets.

Available at DanniLiDesigns.com // Follow on FacebookInstagram // …and FYI, 10% of Danni Li Mochilas profits go to the wayuutaya.net foundation. Amazing.

Bikini by L*Space // Shorts by Roxy.

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