Cactus toes


After spending last weekend in the desert, staring at my sad toes that only had a meager amount of month old chipped off beige nail polish on them, I decided I needed some cactus. On my feet. Arriba. 

Time to bust out the polish and paint some cacti. 

Here’s how.

• Paint nails with a base coat then two coats of an opaque peachy/pink.

• Now bust out the nail art brush (or you could use a toothpick) and paint a bunch of cute little cacti. To do this, paint a short straight line for the main part of the cactus, then the arms are little curved lines on either side. Scatter them in a random pattern on your big toes, and just do one or two on the others.

• Using a dotting tool (or toothpick) add a few cactus flowers if you want. (Just do tiny dots of a color on the top of one of the arms)

• Add a bunch of suuuuuper tiny little black dots. Et voila, things are now prickly.

• Let polish dry then top with a glossy topcoat. 

Oh my, those are some cute cacti.

Polish by julep and I made some toe rings out of leftover scraps from my Flash tattoos. High five.

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