Beach Hair 101: Bikini Hair Ties

If you 1: can’t leave the house without some sort of hair tie on your wrist (that’s me) and 2: Have an old, worn out bikini laying around (yup, me too) well you are in luck. Don’t you dare throw away that old bikini, repurpose it and make some fun l’il hair ties.

DIY Bikini Hair Ties:

1: Pull the string out of your bikini top (if using a top)

2: Cut a 1" thick strip of fabric to a length of about 7" long. (Use measuring tape if unsure)

3: Tie the ends in a knot to make a loop.

4: Repeat as much as you can. I got about four 7" strips from a bikini top. You can get a bunch more from a bottom

5: Stack ‘em on your wrist. Tie your hair up, and heck, give one to a friend.

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