DIY Crochet Cutoffs

My mom gave my my first pair of super nice jeans (Paper Denim and Cloth) about 10 years ago. They have been torn and worn almost to death, and I just can’t bring myself to ever throw them out. I transformed them into cutoffs, and then wore them even more. It was either toss them or give them a new breath of life. So with the help of a crochet doily, I was able to salvage my beloved cutoffs and give them a new, somewhat bohemian look.

DIY Crochet Cutoffs:

Feel free to do this with any pair of cutoffs, not just ones that are 10 years old.

You’ll need: Cutoffs, needle & thread, scissors, and Crochet doily (I got a vintage one on ebay for $3, with free shipping to Hawaii – thanks juke-joint-judy)

1. Cut doily in half.

2. Flip shorts inside out and pin the flat/cut edge of the doily to the jeans, so the curved part lines up with the edge of your cutoffs.

3. Turn shorts so they are not inside out. Without cutting the doily, cut an inverted v in the jeans from the bottom of the cutoffs to the seam on the side (cutting at about a 45 degree angle). The doily should be peeking out but the edges are still under the denim.

4. Flip shorts inside out again and sew doily in place.

5. Turn shorts so they are not inside out. Voila!

6. Put on a bikini, your new favorite cutoffs, and head to the beach.

Ruched bikini top by Letarte

© Goldfish Kiss

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