517 Cutoffs

When I was back at my parent’s house in Colorado, I went and raided the thrift store in their town, because it is a hidden gem. It is the mecca of cheap used Levis. Seriously, they cost less than a latte.

Can I get an amen for small mountain towns? Amen.

So, I had the mindset of picking up a few pairs and making some cool new innovative DIY cutoffs. But instead, made some of easiest, and more flattering cutoffs. Ever. 

Just…Remember this number: 517.

Levis 517. They are a rigid, slim through the waist and thigh Mens jeans. Well, when they are turned into cutoffs, they kind of end up being a versatile, not too high, not too low rise short. You know the kind that looks cute with crop tops or a baggy tee, has a tighter fit that is super flattering on the bootay, and has a bit of an “I found these in my mom’s trunk. I think they are from the 70′s. So they are officially cool” vibe.

I can still comfortably wear bikini bottoms under these, so in case anyone was wondering, they are great for the beach still. Phew. 

The best part is… they are super easy to make. All you do is this:

1. Find a pair of Levi 517s that fit not too snug, and not too loose. (I have no clue how mens sizing works. I wear a Womens 27 jean and these are a Men’s 31). Yes this all goes against my usual size up a size or two commandment for jort making

2. Grab a ruler and a sharpie, then draw a straight line across the leg that is three inches down from the inseam. Too small of an inseam, and your butt cheeks will hang out in a not cute at all way. Too much, and they look like jean biker shorts. Which makes your legs feel like sausages. 

3. Now, just cut across the line you drew, so the jeans are now shorts. It helps to do one side, then fold the jeans in half and trace the second leg based off of the first leg you cut. This way they will be even. (Because these are tighter fitting short you’ll want to make sure these puppies are even.)  

4. Throw them in the wash to fray/seal the ends a bit, and boom. You are done. 

I probably could’ve done all the instructions in one sentence. Oh well.

There you go. A new little twist on cutoffs. 

I personally love this kind of fit right now, and my husband really likes them too. The fact that he noticed or even commented says A LOT. 

Aww yeah for some 517s.

Happy thrift shop hunting, jort making, and money saving. 

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