Beach to Bed


Our bedroom used to have the charm of my old college room. Well, without a Braveheart poster or leopard print sheets. (At least I’ve made progress in my wall art and bed linen selections.) Well, yesterday, I was determined to make it feel a wee bit more put together and inviting. But it had to be on a budget, and it had to work within my DIY attention span…which is thirty minutes or less.

Beach sheet and curtain rod to the rescue. 

Here’s how to make a really cool and easy “headboard”. Which I learned makes one helluva sweet difference in a bedroom. 

*Basically, I did this tutorial, but I only used one curtain rod, and skipped the whole canopy thing. Since that’s really not the look I was going for. 

I have a few beach sheets from Island company that are turning out to be some of the most handy, sturdy, I can find a bunch of uses for them, insanely large pieces of fun textiles known to man. 

I used one of those. 

Then, a trip to Home Depot set me back a whooping $6 to pick up a curtain rod that also had the screws and brackets included. 

All set. Now how to make this thing.

Using a tape measure and a pencil, measure where you want the curtain rod to go above your bed. We have those ugly beige walls that every rental is painted for some unknown reason, so I had the rod go three inches from the ceiling. Buh bye beige.

Follow the curtain rod installation directions, and install the rod.

Then, drape your fabric/beach sheet of choice over the rod as much as you want ( I only pulled mine over about 6 inches). Now, use some pins to “hem it” so the fabric looks neat and even on the sides, and is about as wide as your bed. This might take some adjusting and re-pinning. But it’s worth it so it looks polished.

That’s it. Done. Step back and admire your handiwork. 

Then make your bed, and take a pic of it once your pup jumps on it. Since it’s her bed too. 

Guilty as charged.

Island Company Beach Sheet // The Beach People Roundie (yet another beach Item that can liven up a bedroom) // Society 6 pillow // …and some big Ikea pillows that don’t really match, but I kind of like it.

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