Bikini Facelift: Fringe Bikini Top

Fringe isn’t just for moccasins, handbags, and bangs anymore folks. It’s made its way into the genre of the bikini top. Trendsetting brands like Tyler Rose, L* Space, Acacia and Thayer have all adorned tops with bold or subtle fringed trim that makes you want to shimmy and shake a little bit more than usual. Bonus: it’s really flattering to your bust line, and channels your inner Shakira or Tina Turner at the same time. So, I took an old bikini top, and with a little bit of thread and the aid of a tee shirt, was able to spice things up a bit.

How to take a simple bikini top from blah to fringe-tastic.

Tools: Bikini top, tee shirt you don’t mind cutting off 6" or so from the bottom, scissors, needle, thread

1. Find a tee shirt you deem worth of being your bikini top’s fringe trim. (I used one that matched the color with a fun feather screen print)

2. Using your scissors, cut about 6" off from the bottom of your tee shirt (bonus if you have a tee you want to crop).

3. Cut that 6" tube in half, then in half again, resulting in two strips of fabric.

4. Flip your bikini top inside out, and pin the fringed tee shirt hem (the part where you stopped cutting each strip) in place on the inside of the bikini top where you want the fringe trim to be.

5. Using a threaded and knotted needle, attach the fringed using a whip stitch. (basically loop the needle and thread in and around as you work along the bikini top.)

6. When you’ve covered the edge of the top you want to have fringed trim, knot and tie off the thread, and cut off any extra thread or t-shirt fringe.

7. Repeat for the other side.

8. Remove pins, flip the top right side out, try it on, and feel free to trim if any strips are too long.

9. Shake, shimmy, and pretend to salsa dance.

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