Hi/Low Cutoffs


I’ve been on the lookout for some hi/low cutoffs ever since I saw Just Go With It for the first time, how ever many years ago that was. Remember the shorts Jennifer Aniston wore when they hiked to the waterfall? Yes, those beauties. They were absolutely amazing. I bet the stylist made them. 

Anywho, I never found them, so I decided to make my own. 

I had a pair of boyfriend jeans I bought on ebay, ended up pretty much hating, but realized they’d make a killer pair of cutoffs. (Sidenote: if anyone knows of any super soft, comfy and distressed boyfriends jeans, that don’t make you look like you gained 20 lbs and are in your pajamas, I’m on the lookout) 

Alas, project Hi/Low ensued…

Here’s how:

1: Cut some jeans into shorts. If you need tips, here you go.

2: Cut about a 1.5-2″ slit up the outside and inside seams. (Make sure you aren’t actually cutting the stitching that holds the jeans together, but the fabric just next to it.)

3: Now, from the top of the cut on the outside, cut straight across to the top of the cut you just made on the indie seam. 

4: Sweet. The front of your jorts is now higher than the back.

5: Repeat on the other side. 

6: You could stop here, wash ‘em and wear ‘em. But I did one more step. 

7. Now, cut a slit that’s abotu an inch high, just on the outside seam.

7: Then, using some embroidery floss and needle (Or any thread, I just use embroidery floss because I suck at sewing), fold up that little corner you just made by cutting the jeans, and secure it there with a few stitches. Tie the knots on the inside of the jeans so just a few tiny stitches show up on the outside. 

8: Repeat on the other side.  

9: Done. Pretty stinkin’ cute. 

Now, go watch Just Go With It. Admire Jen’s shorts, and know you have some equally cool ones you made on your own as well. 

..and give yourself a pat on the back for not wasting an impulse buy on ebay, but repurposing it into some of your new favorite cutoffs. 

* These are hard to photograph, but look really darn cute in person. Promise.

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