Bikini Facelift: DIY High Waist bottoms

The high waist bikini bottom. It’s a swimwear trend women love and men, well they pretty much can’t stand it. I’m personally on the fence with them. They look amazing in editorials and on models, but I am not ready to fork over $60+ for a pair. I eyed an old one piece that I can’t wear because of my long torso (common problem) and a lightbulb went off. All it takes is an old one piece, some sharp scissors, a strategic cut…and Yhatzee!! You can try out this trend, without spending a dime.

DIY High Waist Bikini Bottom

*What you need: a one piece you don’t mind cutting up, scissors, a ruler, or something you can draw a straight edge with…I used a coffee table book.

1: Lay the one piece flat. Use a ruler or straight edge to draw a straight line across the front of the bikini at the level of rise you’ll want the bottoms to be. (I recommend trying the one piece on and marking a dot or something before doing this step.)

2: Fold a little bit of the side backwards and continue to draw the line a little on the back so you can line the back up in the next step.

3: Draw a matching line on the back.

4. Using sharp scissors, cut along the line. Front, then back.

5. Done! Unless your one piece dipped low in the front (like mine), if so, use a needle and thread and sew the ends of the opening shut at the top so it makes a little keyhole.

6. Now you are done. 

7. Enjoy your retro high waist bikini bottoms. 

…that you can also roll down if you want to tan those abs.

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