DIY Initial Wish Necklace

I stumbled on this brilliant DIY jewelry idea…but totally failed with flying, illegible colors. Instead of giving up, I decided to simplify, and ended up making a bunch of cute little initial wish necklaces. (Wish = I didn’t have a chain so I used embroidery floss, meaning this necklace might break off someday…granting me my wish of a free trip to Tahiti)

So here you go. Try it out.

Tools: Embroidery floss, beading wire (or florist wire..something thin and easy to bend. I got mine at Wal Mart for $1), small pliers, jump ring.

1: On a piece of paper write down your letter in cursive to use as a guide

2: Cut off a long piece of wire

3. This might take a few tries, but bend the wire, in sections, to make the letter. (Use pliers for tight curves & loops.) – I wish there was an easy way to explain how to do this, but if you are having problems, lay the wire over the cursive initial you wrote down, and use it as a guide to follow the lines.

4. Attach a jump ring at the top of the letter if you want the initial to hang directly down, or else just skip to the next step.

5. Cut embroidery floss to your desired necklace length, and thread the initial charm through it.

6. Tie around your next and make a wish, say a prayer, or give one to a friend.

Cheers to easy beach bling. I kinda love my little coral R one 🙂

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