DIY Crop Step Jeans


Ok, I might just have to cut up a few more jeans this way. Because I love it, love cutting up jeans, it’s easy, and I think it’s a little bit more flattering than just a traditional cropped jean. 

High five for the step crop. 

Note: These are 100% inspired by Mother denim’s collection of crop step jeans. Which I absolutely adore. If I had an extra $200 I’d totally shell out some dough to purchase and support their creativity. But I found some great jeans at a thrift store and figured I’d go the $4.99 route instead.

Here’s how.

It’s so easy I can actually explain just by using pictures of the finished product. Winning.

• Grab some skinny jeans, put them on, and mark where you want to crop ‘em. I recommend about 3″ above the ankle bones.

• Take ‘em off and crop ‘em. 


• Now, crop off an additional 1.25 – 1.5 inches from the front panel of the newly cropped jean. (Cut up the side seam, then directly across to the other side seam, then down, so you basically cut off a rectangle from the front of the jean.)


• Throw ‘em in the wash so the ends will fray a bit. Fray baby fray.

• Donezo. 


Now…go find another pair and repeat because you like them so much. 

Gotta love some fun with scissors and denim, and freeing up your ankles in a stylish manner. 

Espadrilles by  Manebi 

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