Native toes

I’m convinced if you put the word native before anything, it instantly becomes much cooler. Native Tee, native print, native earrings, native boots… wherever it is, I’m a fan. Especially now when it’s on one of my favorite things to experiment with: Toes. 

Here are some easy native toes you can DIY to your little boho nail art loving heart’s content.

1: Paint toes with a base coat.

2: Paint all but your second to last toe a really light, opaque color. I used Essie Fiji, but white would look rather sweet.

3: Paint your second to last toe a different color, that’s also somewhat neutral. (I used Essie Navigate Her)

4: Using a nail art brush or toothpick, and a dark brown or black nail polish, paint any combo of the following: thin horizontal stripes, triangles, thick chevrons, diamonds, little dots.

5: I did a different combo on each nail. On the big toe I found that a vertical strip a bit off centered looked the best. Then kept the other toes to something simple. 

6: Using that same nail art brush or tooth pick, paint little dots of an accent color ( I used yellow) on the middle of any triange, diamond, or chevron, and a few random ones where you deem appropriate.

7: Basically use simple shapes and be creative, add some accent color dots at the end.

8: Let toes dry, then cover with glossy topcoat. Bam. You are done.

…And your toes are officially part of the native-cool club.

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