My Halloween costume this year.


Halloween costumes are always a last minute effort for me, with minimal money spent…yet, I like to make them fun. So this year I am being a Great White Shark, and thought I’d share the DIY, in case you need an ideer.

Here we go.

Step 1: Make a shark fin headband:

Download this stencil.

• Use it as a guide on a piece of cardboard.

• Cut out the shark fin shape, and punch a hole through the bottom center with a ball point pen.

• Push a skinny plastic headband through the hole

• Spraypaint silver.

• Voila. You have a shark fin on your head.

Step 2: Put together an all white and grey outfit

• White jeans, white boots, white top, throw in some grey.

Step 3: Wear something that says “I’M GREAT”

• You can Download this name tag, and wear it somehow.

• Or get a stick on “Hello my name is” Name tag and write GREAT in it

• Or write I’M Great on a white shirt with a sharpie or fabric paint.

Done. Official great white shark status here folks.

*Update: Here’s a pic from Halloween 🙂 

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