Neon Sunnies Organizer: An easy DIY.


I am attempting to have our new place be 94% organized. Anyone who knows me will confirm this is pretty much like the wrath of Sisyphus. But hey, a gal’s gotta dream.

So when I stumbled on this picture, I realized, wow that’s a super easy way to organize my sunglasses, that’s easy and affordable, will double as wall art, and will keep me from scratching up my sunnies.

So here’s an under five minute DIY Neon Sunglass organizer.

Tools: a hammer + nail, a bunch of sunnies, and some neon duct tape.

1: Wrap a bunch of tape around the bottom an sides of a simple wire hanger (aka the free ones from the dry cleaner). I think it looks cool if it’s a little messy and not perfect. 

2: Hammer a sturdy nail into a wall were you want your sunnies displayed.

3: Hang the neon-ified hanger on the nail, then hang the glasses on the bottom. (hint: Spacing your glasses out evenly so the hanger hangs in a straight line.)

Step back, admire your handiwork…and wish home organization was always this simple.

Sunnies Left to Right: Triple Graces, Maui Jim, Blue Blockers, Miu Miu, Triple Graces, Oakley, Smith + Holland, Solve.

Brooklyn Grace Bracelets.

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