Bikini Facelift: Make it a wrap.

No sewing, needles, thread, or purchasing required. Just a new perspective on how to tie a bikini top, with up-lifting results.

Being a B cup and having broad shoulders, halter/wide strapped tops really are unflattering, and tend to make me look like a linebacker. But, I realized if I did a little switcharoo on how I tied some halters, I made a supportive, flattering, cute, wrap top. When I made the wrap top (pictured above), my sister even commented “Wow Bek, your boobs look good in that bikini.” A compliment I rarely hear.

Same bikini top, but make it a wrap. Tutorial video here. Instructions below:

• Untie anything that is tied on your bikini top.

• The ties that were tied behind your back, now get tied behind your neck.

• The ties that were tied behind your neck, now get criss-crossed across the front of your chest, and tied securely behind your back.

• Slide the fabric around and scrunch or widen the sides of the top until you feel comfortable and covered. The sides are what used to be the bottoms of the top.

**Larger, stretchy halter tops with no hardware work best, but feel free to give others a try.

Two thumbs up for a perky, stay put top.

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