Dkoko. Pura Vida in a bikini.

Imagine a line that’s designed by a few avid surfers in Costa Rica who were determined to make a bikini that stayed put when surfing, but still was cheeky, and made you look pretty darn hot. Oh wait you don’t need to imagine, just check out Dkoko.

The gals behind Dkoko believe that a bikini is the most important piece of their wardrobe (can I get an AMEN!) and back in 2009 sought to make a line of suits that were vibrant, flattering, and perfect for any occasion, even overhead sets. Well, they did. I might just need to finally book a trip to Costa Rica to thank them for it.

The line features perfect simple cheeky bottoms in bold, juicy, vibrant colors, as well as some rather sweet & innovative tops. The piece that had me at hola…the gorgeous Selva wrap top (pictured above) a sleek wrap around top made out of amazingly soft fabric that enhances your bust line. Eat your heart out Wonderbra. You’ve been ousted by a bikini top.

The line is fun, imbued with Costa Rican beach style, and oh yeah, will not cause you to moon the lineup, or end up half naked after a wipeout or duck dive.

To make your day even better, you don’t have to go to Costa Rica to purchase a suit. The entire line is available online. Although I’m still going to check out airfares.

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