Dkoko X Goldfish Kiss

Fact: This collaboration gave me goosebumps when I saw it for the first time.

It was one of those projects that felt like a dream, and then when I saw it all come together I didn’t know what to say. Ok, I definitely smiled as big as I could and said, wow.

Dkoko is a sustainable swimwear line I’ve been rocking for almost as long as this blog’s been in existence. Mainly because they make the BEST bikinis for surfing that one can think of.

I can’t recall ever going on a surf trip without one of their designs in tow. Also, I wasn’t surprised when I went to Costa Rica and realized any female in a lineup that was ripping happened to be wearing one of their creations. Turns out the ripping ladies are rocking Dkoko all over the globe nowadays. Yes, They’re that wonderful.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked to collaborate on some designs for their latest collection. It’s been in the works for a while now… and recently launched.

Say hello to Flourish, as Dkoko puts it, “It’s an invitation to witness this season of our lives in bloom. To grow luxuriantly in the direction of our dreams. To embrace the beauty of our being, blossoming from the inside, out.”

I was honestly challenged when making these patterns ( the wave and the tropical floral one) and grew so much in realizing what I am capable of in the realm of textile designs. I am so grateful to Michelle and her crew for that priceless experience and help with my self-doubt.

So…the suits are amazing, super sustainable, don’t break the bank, are bold, functional and just plain badass. The collection also contains sporty one-pieces, reversible (stay put) bucket hats, rashguards, and leggings, and it all mixes and matches with the solids in the collection in such a lovely way too.

Also, there are more pieces to come, and I simply can’t wait. Everything’s such a dream so far.

Can’t wait to rock it in a lineup soon. It’s been a while since I’ve surfed so I might not be ripping, but I’ll definitely be smiling.

In the meantime definitely will be rocking some pieces when I do a cold plunge later on today.

Thanks, Michelle and the team at Dkoko for trusting me with your vision. It helped me flourish and bloom as an artist too.

Going to go stare at these pieces and smile some more.

Dkoko X Goldfish Kiss Flourish – Available at and wherever Dkokoko radness is sold. They had some sweet shops in Costa Rica, too.

Photos by Juan Medina ( such a rad photographer)


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