This Beautiful Earth

Oh this beautiful Earth. I want to see, smell, listen, stretch out my arms and overdose all of my senses in it’s different types of gorgeousnesses. It makes me feel small, it’s humbling, it’s invigorating, and I always crave one on one time with wide open chunks of it.  

So, let’s all walk and bike more, try to throw away as little stuff as possible, start our own little gardens (even if you have a hard time keeping a cactus alive, like me) using reusable water bottles, and doing the little daily decisions, that make a big impact on this big beautiful world. 

And then hopefully we can all go out and experience the remarkable creation that it is…before us humans mess it all up. 

Happy Earth day to this gorgeous place we get to call home, everyday. 

Now go plant a tree. 

Or buy a Tesla. 

Photos (None of these are mine, they all are via my escapes pinterest board)

Great Barrier reef. I have about eight different images of this heart saved on my computer. 

Kayaking with orcas. #Bucketlist

• Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland. Just thinking of being here makes me happy. Even though I have no clue how to pronounce it.

• Boat Silhouette, Tinos Island, Greece. Oh that gorgeous Greece lighting.

• Siargao Island, Philippines. Just…insert me and my family on one of those boats with a mask and some fins, please. 

And finally. A place I can drive to, (in a fuel efficient vehicle)

McWay Falls, Big Sur. We stopped on our move up to the Bay Area. My pic looks nothing like this. Such a gorgeous little nugget of Earth. 

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