Date Night Hair


I am really needing to diversify my date night hair lineup. I doubt my husband could ever get sick of just loose beachy waves (my go to), but I just feel like I need to step up my game. However, it has to be a style the takes less than 4 minutes to do (because that’s about how much time I usually have), and looks just as good as the aforementioned beachy waves. 

Which I figured out this afternoon.

And my hair is still this way. 

And I plan on leaving it this way for a while. 

Even if no date is planned for tonight. Or in the near future. 

So here’s how to do it. In case you have any dates planned. Even if it’s with your couch, some Thai Food, and your tv, like me. 

Tools: Those little tiny clear rubber bands that you pretty much can only use once. A bobby pin or two, and dirty hair. 

Inspiration:  This amazing style from Australian Bridal Hair styling genius,  Ulyana Auster, that I did the first few steps of (check out her work though it’s unreal). 

Here we go. It’s easy, or else I wouldn’t be able to do it.

1. Douse your hair in some dry shampoo or texturizing spray. ( I have to do this since I have super fine hair), 

2. Grab the hair at the very top of your head, then pull it all to the left side of your hair and secure in a pony tail using a little clear hair tie. Now spread the ponytail apart and pull it through (going front to back).

3. Now grab the hair that’s just above your ears, and pull it all over to the OTHER side of your head (right), and secure it in a ponytail. (Be sure to leave the ponytail from the hair above below this section of hair.) Now, spread that little ponytail apart and pull it through. 

4. Now, grab the next lowest section of hair (behind your ears), pull that over to the other side (left), and repeat the whole make-a-ponytail-and–pull-through dealio.

5. Last ponytail: grab all of your hair and put it in a low ponytail that’s kind of on the right side of your neck. Repeat the whole make-a-ponytail-and–pull-through dealio one last time. 

6. Pin the end up under your neck.

7. Now the fun part. Go in and loosen up the whole thing, and make it look like a big ’ol mess. This is what makes it look really really cool. And why the little tiny clear hairties are crucial. Go and lightly pull apart all the little looped ponytails. If you think you’ve messed it up enough, do a little bit more. Trust me. 

8. Pull out a few pieces to frame your face, and you are done.

High five for another cool ‘do to add to date night (or any day or night, really) lineup. 

*Color by Amanda at Juan Juan Brentwood. In case anyone needs a gal in the LA area who rocks at balayage. 

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  • I just watched the Goldfish Kiss easy messy updo DIY tutorial and I absolutely love this romantic beach hairstyle. The design is the perfect combination of lightness and chic, perfect for a day at the beach or a relaxing evening. Thank you for sharing this wonderful hair styling idea. This is a revolution for those of us who want a refreshing yet attractive look.