The Lineup


Oh man, am I way overdue on one of these lineup posts. I’ve moved in, unpacked, am not settled in whatsoever, but I have somewhat organized my beauty products. Which means I can’t wait to briefly blab on about a few I’ve discovered, am loving, or can’t live without. I’m pretty pumped to giveaway some (unused ones) as well, (please take some of this radness off of my hands and try for yourself.)


Fuji Kale Organic Kale packets – Yes Kale packets are important for your skin, health, and overall beauty. I’ve been downing two of these a day for at least seven months now. I put it in smoothies, water, or juice, there’s hardly any taste, and…BOOM you get a cup of organic kale. It also makes you feel better about yourself if consumed with a meal that consisted of fully loaded supreme pizza and beer. Kale Yeah. 

Origins Clean Energy Cleansing oil – Origins sent me a winter skin savers care package, and this was included. I was hooked after one use. I swear switching to cleansing oils/balms has done wonders for my crazy skin. My favorite thing is smearing it on my face, neck, and chest then hopping in a hot shower before bed. It is hands down my favorite cleansing oil I’ve tried. 

It Cosmetics confidence in a compact with SPF 50+ – If my skin ever looks good in a pic/instagram story/snapchat/anywhere I might actually be showing my face, it’s because of this miraculous little concoction. It’s like a solid skin serum/CCcreme/sunscreen/skin perfector – all in one. But you hardly look like you are wearing a ton of makeup when wearing it. Whoever formulates this stuff is brilliant. (It Cosmetics sent me the entire range of skin tones so whoever wins this lineup giveaway will be scoring one to test)

Zoya Nail Polish – Their nail polish just makes me happy.  Blu – Is the perfect opaque baby blue, Levi is a pixie dust polish, and is one of the only nail polishes I can wear that doesn’t chip off my nails after one day (Ok The name rocks my world too), and Cole is an opaque bright peach that took me years to find. Yay bright happy fingers.

COOLA Suncare Mineral matte face Sunscreen and Mineral Liplux in Summer Crush – COOLA is my jam. This dynamic duo was my go to for face protection in Kauai and Puerto Rico last month. The face sunscreen was great for surfing, and just daily wear (Can also double as a BB creme since it has a matt tint) And the liplux is pretty sweet – it has a matte finish and subtle tint that looks amazing on, and has organic cupuacu butter and mongongo oil, which apparently my lips love. (This duo is up for grabs in the giveaway too).

Aveda Tulasara Wedding Mask overnight and Wedding Mask Eye Overnight. – When I first was sent this to test, I thought “Oh great a mask that I’ll never have time to use”…but wait. It’s really just a fancy word for amazing stuff you slater on your face and under your eyes at night, it soaks in, and you wake up looking like you slept soundly for 12 hours. My overnight mask jar pictured above is almost empty, I’ve been using it nightly, and I plan on buying more once it’s out. Same for the eye mask. So what’s Tulasara though? – Tulasara Masks are inspired by the Indian Haldi ceremony, which is a pre-wedding tradition where a homemade turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom for glowing skin on their wedding day. Sweet. Turmeric for the win. Yay Aveda.

Speaking of AvedaAny of their Nourish Mint lip colors or lip glazes are amazing, full of good stuff for your lips, gorgeous colors, have a little minty tingle, and are currently in a pocket of whatever purse/backpack/diaper bag I am carrying. 

Remember that sayonara stress post from last week? Well, here’s the two products from This Works that I talked about and sniff regularly to help me sleep or breathe better. And love. The Stresss Check Breathe in and Stress Check Hair Elixir. Whooosaaaaaaaa…..

Trader Joes Coffee Body scrub – Yes. Trader Joes got on the coffee, coconut oil, salt scrub bandwagon. And I might’ve cried tears of joy when I saw it last week. No it’s not Frank, but still, it’s five bucks. And it scrubbed my bum rather nicely.

Dermalogica Daily microfoliant – Ok I now know what all the fuss is about for this. Oh man oh man do I love this scrub. It’s a dry powder you mix with a little water then scrub your face. It’s gentle, yet gives you the satisfaction of scrubbing your face daily, which for some reason I need to do. People have been raving about it for years, add me to that list. 

and last but not least..

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Palette – This is the only eyeshadow I use, and have used for, oh man, 4.5 years now. No joke. When I actually do wear eye shadow, I’m all about the neutrals, and well, they nailed it wiht all their naked palettes. Might be time to replace it, or not, I’m bad about that kind of stuff. Thanks Hannah (It was a Christmas gift form my sister).

There you go. Lineup. Donezo.

**Oh yeah that GIVEAWAY I hinted at…In an effort to not be a beauty product hoarder I’m giving away a box full of beauty products for you to try (unused, promise). To enter: just let me know what your favorite product was from this post. Winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week (April 7th)

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