I happened to write this while

I happened to write this while having clean, flat ironed hair. I feel like such a traitor. 

So here’s some messy hair inspiration. AKA some do’s I must do ASAP…

A huge thank you to whoever brought these coifs into the world:

Gorgeous set of loose side french braids tied in a messy bun. 

This loose low pony with a tiny bit of a braid in the middle. 

Some sides “tied back” in a diagonal über loose french braid

The quintessentially perfect messy top know with a scarf.

A swoonworthy gorgeous voluminous at the top fishtail. 

and last but not least….

This quick and easy messy bun dealio. That I am going to go try now.

And what messy hair inspiration post is complete without some Bardot bed head, that I can only dream of waking up with tomorrow. 

Messy, salty, perfectly imperfect hair. Rock it.

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