Emmanuela. Greek Chic.

Ahh Greece. I went there by myself once for a week. Oh memories. The culture, food, ocean, sights, and getting lost in Delphi then having an old shepherd with his flock of sheep show me how to get into the ruins for free (using sign language since all I can say is Ευχαριστώ – thank you) Had I known better, I would’ve also found an amazing line of bikinis, called Emmanuela.

Emmanuela swimwear is the brain child of bikini guru Emmanuela Lykou. Six years ago she set out to make a bikini that fit perfectly and flattered all types of bodies (women, kids, all shapes and sizes). Well, mission accomplished. This line is fan-greek-chic-tastic.

A few of my favorites: The entire line is mix and match. Choose your style and pattern, and have some fun. The signature prints are designed by Ms. Emmanuela herself, and each includes specks of gold foil. Finally, her signature trademarks. All long ties are adorned with tusks (or is is a banana? you decide.) and her logo is her pet dog. Love it.

When I tried my suit on, I literally said, “wow!” The fabric is unreal, lifts your bootie, and the long ties you can bring forward around your neck so it’s like you have a bikini and cool necklace on at once (pictured above). I also proceeded to shake and make my banana tusks go clink clink. Added perk for musicality.

Time to go back to Greece I think. Just to say Ευχαριστώ for such a sweet line.

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