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Being a person who practically lives in a bikini. I really like bikinis I can live in. Let me clarify. For example: Wake up, surf, spend day at the beach, suddenly husband realizes we have a function to go to for his work, in like 5 minutes, so I can’t go home and change, so throw on a breezy coverup over the aforementioned bikini I’ve been wearing all day…then get tons of compliments on my outfit. Ha! So, naturally, I fell head over heels in love with Estuaries. A genius melange of simple, functional, flat out beautiful swimwear, that’s so cool you can wear it anywhere, and always look dayum good.

Sisters Zhu Ru and Layla grew up in Hawaii, and after moving the New York, combined experience working in fashion (Alexander Wang. Swoon), sales, and marketing…put their two extremely talented heads tougher to bring a little bit of Hawaii to life in the city. Alas Estuaries was born. 

Love it when sisters get along so well like that.

The line consists of simple silhouettes made in melt-on-your-body amazingly soft, textured or shimmery fabrics, with the fit and lines being the main focus. They are those simple suits that aren’t that simple. I only wish I could see Zhu Ru’s sketchbook for pieces like the Mekong, and Pearl. (Pictured above. Total Jaw Droppers) 

I think I might need to pick one up, and live in it. And feel amazing while doing so.

Follow Estuaries on Facebook , Twitter & Tumblr and check them out online at

…also available at two of my favorite boutiques in Hawaii: Guava Shop (Haleiwa) and Ginger & Koi (Big Island)

Dreamy photos by: Yuki Takeuchi

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