The Fab Five. Under $80

Bikinis. They rock. But being able to fork over $200 is not always a practical option, especially considering how much chlorine, salt water, sunscreen and surfwax can quickly wear out those beloved two pieces of fabric. But never fear, there are some awesome, great fitting, well made and cute ‘kinis that won’t cause Visa to put you on their VIP list if you chose to buy all five.

Tha Bargain Pirate strikes again…

Top 5 bikinis under $80.

1: Boom Boom Hawaii – Chi Chi  I think this bikini has it’s own fan club, it’s one shoulder, cheeky, available in a bunch of colors and prints, sporty, and it’s only $65. Boom!

2: Mimi Chaos – Le Frou Frou. This flirty, yet simple little cheeky kini had me at bonjour. I love it (and own it). Great print, great fit, freaking fantastic price. Get it here too…we can match.

3: Salt- Claudia & Gisellse – It’s bum flattering fit makes this bottom the boyfriend/husband/male gender’s favorite bikini bottom. Pair with a versatile top that can be worn multiple ways, and you’ve got one heck of a deal.

4: We Are Handsome – Bahamas – Anytime you can have an awesome original print of art that includes flamingos on your bum, I’m game. It’s a beauty.

5: Tavik – Cacuts Sunrise  – Tavik teamed up with Pacsun for the Trade Collective. This is fair trade for sure. Rad 80’s style print, fun cut, permagrin price. Lub dub.

Just realized all of these cost less thank filling up your car with gas…

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