Flamingo Toes


Flamingos. They make a really cool mailbox, print, and a flock of them is a flocking cool burst of bright pinky peach color. Well, now they have migrated south. To my toes.

I stumbled on this pic, which inspired me to try it out on my toes. Mainly because I can’t keep nail polish on my fingers for more than 24 hours, and I wanted these birds to be around for a while.

Here’s an attempt at explaining how to paint them:

1: Paint toes a shade of light blue (Illamasqua Nudge is my go-to).

2. Using a light pink polish, paint a wide curve at the base of your big toe. On the little toes, paint the curve on the left or right side, alternating on each toe.

3. Grab a nail art brush or toothpick, and using that same pink, paint a large S that ends at the inside of your toe. On your right toe, it will be backwards. On your little toes, they will be small little horizontal s’s.

4. Now, in that original pink curve you painted, paint a smaller one, but in a darker bright pink.

5. Using a dotting tool or nail art brush. Paint a white dot for the eyeball and tiny dot before where the beak will go.

6. Using a dotting tool or nail art brush. Paint a small black dot for the pupil, and long skinny triangle that extends past the end of your pink s..for the beak.

7. Let dry completely, and seal the deal with some topcoat.

8: Done. Sit back, and admire your oh so fly, flamingo toes.

…if none of this makes sense, check out this tutorial on how to do it on your nails…or if all else fails, wrap em up

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