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In a recent personal surveillance of what I actually wear regularly in my wardrobe (yes it’s clothes sorting time again), I came to the following conclusion. I am addicted to, and wear the following on a daily basis: soft, versatile, neutral (grey, black or some shade of white) tanks. 

It’s a strict criteria to make it into this tank lineup though, since they are worn with such devotion.

So, go get one of these, and tank me later (no that’s not a typo. I love puns.)

1: Vince Favorite Tank. This is hands down, my favorite tank I own. I never travel without my grey one, and wear it at least twice a week, and have been for over a year. Time for a new one perhaps. And for some reason I acquired my grey and heather grey ones on clearance racks. Queue a happy dance.

Why they are so perfect: The fit is beyond superb, they are flattering, and you can wear it with anything from cutoffs to sequin bell bottoms. I love the long length, especially with tight skinny jeans. Yes, the tank is so magical it even makes you look better in skinny jeans. 

Available at Shopbop, Nordstrom, and vince.

2: Madewell Perfect Lyering Tank: If a company will use the term perfect in it’s name, it better live up to it’s expectations. Which these do. These tanks rock. I love the softness and drape, and thicker straps that aren’t too thick, so you can actually wear them with a bra, not just a bikini top. 

Why they are so perfect: First off, they are Made Well (sorry couldn’t resist), but the neckline is super flattering, and the fabric is gool ‘ol cotton. Also, if long layering tanks aren’t your thing, the length of this one is perfect for higher waisted bottoms, and of course, they are great for layering.

Available at madewell…what a shock.

3: James Perse Slub Tank. Ok this will be short but if you are on the lookout for the perfect white tank look no further than this beauty. I found one at Nordstroms Rack, and have been wearing it non stop (well, in rotation with the others mentioned above.) They are hard to find. So if you score one, in any color, consider yourself blessed.

They say a good basic can make any outfit go from blah to hooo-rah. Even if you are wearing old torn up jeans that you spilled coffee on and socks that are chewed up by your dog that also don’t match, like me today.

Maybe that’s why I love sharing the ones I love with you all so much.

Fun times.

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