One year. Twelve thoughts.


Levi just turned one. And I am sitting in a silent house, trying to wrap my brain around the past year. I wanted to do a week of posts all leading up to his birthday, and in typical me-form, my mind went blank and I was hardly able to even post last week, let alone attempt to write anything. 

So, I figured it’s time to do something I do best: Write down a list of thoughts. And for extra brownie points, let’s make it be twelve of them about the past year. Because I’ve honestly had a blast with this little perfectly coiffed, gap toothed bundle of rolls and belly laughs…In a weird, one day I’m laughing the other I’m getting choked up, can’t deal with the changes, whoa, life goes too fast type of way. 


1: It’s all about the little things – little moments, little nuances of growth, little sparks of personality. They are everywhere waiting to be appreciated, found and loved. Here we are in a society that forces the “materialistic, bigger is better, must have more, in all avenues of life mentality” and happiness is found in the tiniest of hands patting me on the back, little footprints in the sand, and even a little finger finding it’s way into a nose for the first time.

2: Anytime someone puts mom in front of a noun, take it as a compliment: Mom Jeans, mom haircut, mom car. Last time I checked, Sofía Vergara and Angelina Jolie were moms. Moms are total babes. And I’d love to have Sofía’s mom hair. 

3: Sometimes I think babies, in all their innocence, are some of the smartest humans on the planet. I mean, come on, they teach us to be better human beings without even talking.

4: Bliss comes in all sorts of forms. I used to think it was travel, exotic destinations, sunsets, surfing, etc., But sometimes it’s a belly laugh, a step, reading a book, watching my husband with him, holding him and dancing to Otis Redding in the Kitchen…or just our morning walk.

5: It’s fascinating to me how I breathe a sigh of relief when I put him to sleep, then start missing having him about an hour later. And get excited to go grab him when he starts chirping in the morning. Then subliminally am counting down the hours before bedtime once noon hits…

6: Not gonna lie, I LOVED having mom boobs. I am back to my B-Flats that remind me of a sad duo of snack packs. I really liked having a nice rack. Or set of Jugs. Or bazookas. Or whatever you want to call them. 

7: Levi is obsessed with our pup, Kili. In fact I think he almost views her as an older sibling and is mimicing her ways: Digging in the sand the same way at the beach, loves dog toys, is obsessed with tennis balls and her chew toys, and yes, even loves her food. He’s a quick little dude and has snuck in some kibble bites. And loves it. Oops.

8: I try to be very cautious with pictures I share of him. To each his own, but I dunno, as much as I love showing him off because I think he’s ridiculously cute, I just don’t want to share every moment of his life with people. I don’t even show my own face that much. I’ll save my favorite pictures for just my husband and I. And a few I’ll deliberate on for a while then finally cave and post because I love them so darn much. But I don’t know, I just like to keep it old school in this department. Which reminds me, I need to get my act in gear and get some photo albums made. 

9: Being selfless and caring for something is one of the most beautiful things you can do. If you aren’t a mom, I highly suggest caring for a friend, get a puppy, (or better yet, rescue a dog), volunteer at a retirement home, become a mentor. It’s so rewarding in indescribable ways. Hopefully that didn’t sound preach-y, but It’s great exercise for your heart.

10. Yes, I worked my ass off. There was no bouncing back. There was lots of sweating, lifting, running and discipline. But I realized I CAN NOT STAND the term “get my body back.” It’s always your body, it’s just happened to go through a mind-blowingly amazing ordeal, called making a life. I don’t think they are every truly the same afterwards, which, I don’t know, I think is pretty damn sweet. Every body is different, so is every pregnancy, post pregnancy, and motherhood for that matter. Ok I’ll stop venting. 

11. Having a baby makes me miss Hawaii even more. For so many reasons. To somehow be able to have at least a year of his life there while he’s still a little dude, would be amazing. Just to get him in the water, be that naked baby on the beach, in love with nature and the lifestyle. I really really really would love if it’s in God’s plan. I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pray for it regularly. 

and finally…

12. I am absolutely in love with being able to be a kid again. 


Going to go check on him sleeping one more time, grab a slice of birthday cake, and go to bed. 

It’s been quite a year. 


Thank you all for sticking around during this crazy, yet oh so fun ride. 

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