5 Activated Charcoal Beauty Tricks


Sorry if this is the creepiest picture I’ve ever posted, but I couldn’t resist. Activated Charcoal fascinates me for some reason. It’s the new multipurpose wonder product on the block, I’ve been using it in a few different ways, and kind of love it. Messiness included. 

So in case you want to give it a try, or are also intrigued by this super fine charcoal that derived from coconut shells (or at least the stuff I use does)…here you go.

1: Teeth whitening 

(Pictured above) -Due to the copious amounts of coffee I drink, I noticed my pearly whites were turning into pearly beiges. So, I went on Amazon and investigated their most popular at home teeth whiteners, and found that this activated Charcoal powder was one of the #1 bestsellers. So, I grabbed my jar of powder I already owned, dipped my wet tooth brush in it, and gently brushed my teeth. Yes I looked like I ate a handful of charcoal, but after two uses, the beige-ness of my teeth was gone. So if you’re looking for a teeth whitener, try brushing with activated charcoal powder 2-3 times a week. Be sure to take a creepy pic of your smile while doing so as well. And be sure to rinse with mouthwash or swish around some coconut oil afterwards to get any lingering powder out. *Not recommended if you have porcelain veneers, caps or crowns. Be sure to brush gently, and stop if you experience sensitivity.

2: Detox water: 

I drink a ton of water, but also like to add a glass full of charcoal water every now and then when I’m feeling off. This is usually mornings after tooo many beers or margaritas, or if my stomach is acting up, or when I have room clearing gas. So it’s a beauty trick, as much as an act of kindness of those around me. I basically mix ½ tsp in a big gas glass of water and drink up. And limit it to 1-3 times a week max. *Note: It can absorb some medications as well as nutrients from food, so is best taken two hours after taking any medications,or eating a $25 salad bar salad from Whole Foods.

3: Facial Mask/Scrub Deal.

Just when I thought my honey and sugar face scrub mask couldn’t get any better…activated charcoal came along. Mix up the following: 1 tbs raw honey, 1 tsp plain white sugar, and ½ tsp activated charcoal. Gently massage on face, leave for a few minutes. Rinse off. Just wouldn’t recommend wearing a white tee shirt while doing so. If the DIY route is a little creepy, I’ve also been using Origins Activated charcoal exfoliating cleanser, and love it. 

4: Zit Creme.

Got a pimple? Mix ½ tsp activated charcoal powder with coconut oil or aloe vera, and dab it on the lovely little red bump. Activated charcoal is all the rage because of it’s ability to absorb toxins…zits included. I needed to know this from ages 12 to…oh wait, I still get zits. This shall come in handy. 

…and finally

5: Eyeliner

Yes, the same thing that whitens your teeth, clears your skin, and gets gunk out of your system, lines you eyes like a champ. It basically works just like a loose eyeshadow liner. So just dip a wet brush into the powder ( about 1 tsp is plenty) and line away. Makes a mean smokey eye. Literally. If you want it to last longer add some arrowroot (or organic cornstarch). And if it dries out, just add a few more drops of water. Cleopatra used Charcoal, so shall we. Plus I had some weird eye reaction last week to something and natural makeup sounds amazing right about now.

There you go. 

Between Activated Charcoal and Coconut Oil, 97% of our beauty problems have now been solved. 

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