five beauty things I had to share

Whenever I have an a-ha moment when it comes to skincare and beauty, especially if it saves money or time, I must share. Mainly because there are SOOOOOOOO many things being thrown at you, and it’s hard to sift through it all.

So let me add a few more things to the things that are being thrown at you. Wahoooo!

But, in this case, please know it’s all stuff I bought or paid for, and it’s definitely helped. I just never take before and after pics.

I’m 41 (for another two weeks), and have sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness (I used to think it was oily/combination but that was just because I had scrubbed and dried out my skin so much it was sending out an SOS signal) and, have lived an active outdoor and sun-loving life…so if any of that sounds familiar, here you go.

1: Pick up some Organic Rosehip Seed Oil. – I’ve been trying to save money, and swapped out my $120 bottle of skincare oil for this $15 Rosehip Seed oil, and my skin looks and feels just the same, if not better. I also don’t feel bad about using it on my hips, arms and thighs, and pretty much anywhere that needs some TLC. Those zones are looking happier and more hydrated nowadays, too. A friend of mine (With gorgeous skin) told me a while ago to just use rosehip seed oil, and I finally went for it…about 7 years later. Thank you Sheena. Better late than never.

 2: Yay Tretinoin. Every single skincare expert and dermatologist I’ve asked said I should be using it. So, I picked up a tube in Mexico (the .05% – you can also get some from a Dermatologist or at nurx), And well, it works. It just takes time and patience, but I can see what the fuss is about. The three big sunspots on my jaw are down to just one small lone ranger, and I’ve also used it on my neck and chest – aka the “resembles a handbag” zone. I’ve seen a very noticeable improvement in the texture and tone there as well.

Note: For the first two months I only wore it one night a week, then went up to two nights a week on month three, and now I do every other or every third night, and no flaking or redness, but lots of sunscreen. Even in Seattle. I also always put a layer of moisturizer on top of it, too (bring back that rosehip oil baby) *There are mixed reviews on using both Rosehip Seed oil and Tretinoin since rosehip seed oil contains vitamin A…I have yet to experience any irritation or side effects.

3: DIY Dying of zee brows. I have zero brows and they are super thin and light. So, I picked up this $16 kit and now dye them about once a month or so. Saves me oodles of time and money and I actually look like I have a nice set of eyebrows for once. Which just makes me feel saucy, and have a little pep in my step. (An esthetician told me Just for Men works great as an eyebrow dye as well.) So…My makeup routine is pretty much this:  tinted moisturizer, mascara, some sort of multi-use highlighter stick dealio,  lip gloss ( this stuff by zoya is incredible), and now brows are always done. So there’s that.

4: Dermarolling/microneedling/whatever you call it and however you want to do it or get it done – do it. Think of it as weightlifting for your skin. And you hopefully know how adamant I am about hitting the weights. I do it once a month and have started doing it on my body as well, and it is the most rewarding feeling of subtle pain ever. This Youtuber, Claudia Glows, explains it ohhhh so well and her playlist of microneedling videos is definitely worth a click over and watch to learn about all the different ways and benefits. She got me hooked.

5: OraliftIt’s a great l’il investment device for many reasons – I also learned about this device via Claudia, and it’s marketed as a beauty device and facial lifting tool, but it’s been MASSIVE help for me with my jaw-clenching (Which is apparently a big cause of jowls and facial aging. Who knew?). My mom keeps asking if I got lip injections, too, because lip plumping is also a side effect/benefit of using it. It’s a simple mouthguard you mold to your lower teeth that with a guided app/usage program helps relax and lift your face after years and years of jaw clenching and ultimately helps rejuvenate it. Ok, the Dr. in England who invented explains it so much better, and here is his interview with Claudia.

*Important note that aside from the eyebrow dye (which takes about 3 minutes total) Skincare stuff, like anything health-wise, takes time. Nothing happens overnight, but with continual use and patience then it’s like…bam. Oh yeah, buddy,

Then finally, ( This could be an entire post on its own) I am SUPER fascinated by all the advancements there are in medical skin treatments – mainly the peels, lasers, Fraxel stuff, IPL, BBL, 123s ABCs – there are so many options and new devices popping up each month. I’ve also seen some incredible results (Instagram makes sure of this on my search page after I clicked on one image a while ago.) But, it’s all SO darn pricey, and it’s not the kind of stuff you want to go searching for on Groupon. So, I’m sure I’ll eventually try some sort of crazy laser or something, but then I’d have to sacrifice a surf trip. Surf trips always win.

So cheers to the stuff I can do at home, and saving up for perhaps, one treatment every other year. Or at least that’s what my plan is. Although they’re now flying nonstop from Seattle to Tahiti so I’d choose that over perfect skin any day.

It’s all so funny, this beauty stuff. Feels good to look good but also feels good to not stress too much, you know.

And I love writing about it.

Hope this helps a bit.

…and cheers to that Rosehip Seed Oil. And the other stuff too.

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  • Love this! I just started tret, and am excited to one day see most of my sun spots fade away (I’ll keep some of them as a reminder of the good times they represent!).

    I would love to see a post on what weights/gym type of equipment you have for your at home workouts! (That is if you haven’t already done so)

    • The tret-effect is real! I also learned it could possibly help remove some precancerous cells, so…major bonus there!

      As for home gym setup if you search home gym up in my blog search a bunch of posts should pop up. But I’d say if you can get a kettle bell, set of power block dumbbells, and a TRX that’s all I used for quite a while and it’s amazing what workouts you can come up with! Hope that helps!