Date Night


Every Thursday night (at least during football season) is date night in the Steen fam. Which means I get to get all dolled up, have an excuse to shower, then bust out the curling iron, eyeliner, perfume and saucy NARS shimmer stuff. So, while I procrastinate in getting ready this Thursday, I figured I’d share some date night inspired pics I took for Flash Tattoos.

Yup. Pretty sweet.

I really wish I could just transport myself back in time to a week ago, so I could be in this exact getup again, without lifting a finger. Because my motivation level is telling me that it’s just going to be a cutoffs and a tee type of date night outfit…again. 

At least I already have a flash tat on my arm, so I’ve got that going for me.

Either way. Date night. Is a great night. 


Nikki Flash Tattoos, Talulah shorts, Shantique bracelet, Drift Boutique tunic.

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