Frankie’s Bikinis. From the Bu to you.

If a swimwear line is designed in Malibu, the probability that it’s going to be pretty sweet, is about 98.9%. If a swimwear line is designed in Malibu, by a gal who grew up there, and has a nickname Frankie, the probability that it’s going to be pretty sweet…well it’s about 107%. So, yup Frankie’s bikinis are quite delectably amazing. 

Growing up living, beachin’ it and surfing in Malibu, designer Francesca Aiello, knows a thing or two about bikinis and style. I was in Malibu over the 4th of July and I felt like I was in a real life Pinterest beach style inspiration board. These ladies know what’s up. 

And so does Frankie.

Frankie’s Bikinis are all seamless, have an extremely flattering fit, are made in CA (with lots o’ love) and have bottoms that make your bum look might tasty. Just cheek out Miss Candice Swanepoel in the Tribal Mistos Bottoms. Yeowza. If that doesn’t make you want to buy a suit, they also get major bonus points in the surfability (like my Venice ‘kini pictured above), and cool top-ties department. A few essential parts of making some sweet suits in the Bu.

…and might I add, I really, really, love their logo.

Available at and at these other mighty fine retailers. 

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